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Asian Lady Beetle

Asian Lady Beetles: Quick Facts
• Native to Asia
• First found in the United States in 1988 in Louisiana
• Can emit a noxious odor and a staining yellow fluid prior to death

What do they look like?
• Vary from tan, to orange to red
• Multi-spotted individuals tend to be females
• Usually have a small dark “M" or “W" shaped marking on the whitish portion of the head
• 1/4” long
• 6 legs
• Antennae
• Oval and convex

What do they eat?
• Aphids. They can consume hundreds per day.

Where do they live?
• During the Spring and Summer, populations typically thrive because the seasons feature tender foliage and aphid infestations
• During the Autumn, adults seek protected places (such as under leaves, rocks, and landscape timbers) to overwinter

Are they dangerous?
• Asian Lady Beetles can aggravate asthma symptoms and produce allergic reactions in some individuals. They also secrete a viscous, yellowish fluid that is foul smelling and can stain certain surfaces. The secretion is a defensive measure.
• Their noxious odor has become a problem to the wine industry. Too many processed with the grapes can taint the wine.
• Because they tend to congregate in large numbers, they can become quite a nuisance.

How can I prevent an (indoor) infestation of Asian Lady Beetles?
• Seal cracks around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes, and chimneys
• Repair damaged window and door screens

How do I get rid of Asian Lady Beetles?
• Vacuums can be an effective way to eliminate small quantities of Asian Lady Beetles if they have already entered your home
• If you suspect an infestation, it is recommended that you contact a licensed pest control specialist. Please call DKS Pest Control at (724) 478-5344.