Earwigs: Quick Facts
• The name earwig is derived from the myth that these bugs crawl into a victim’s ears and tunnel into their brains
• Originally from Europe
• The long clippers, called cerci, on their backsides make these pests easy to identify

What does an Earwig look like?
• Dark brown
• Approximately 1” in length
• 6 legs
• Antennae
• Long and narrow

What do Earwigs eat?
• Leaves
• Flowers
• Fruit
• Mold
• Other insects

Where do Earwigs live?
• Under piles of lawn debris
• In mulch
• Holes in trees

Are Earwigs dangerous?
• Contrary to folklore these insects do not pose a threat to humans
• They are not known to carry/spread disease
• Their appearance if probably the most oft-putting

How can I prevent a Earwig infestation?
• Remove harborage sites such as piles of leaves and mulch, and other vegetation
• Seal all possible entry points with a silicone-based caulk

How do I get rid of Earwigs?
• Vacuums can be an effective way to eliminate small quantities of Earwigs and their eggs.
• If you suspect an infestation, it is recommended that you contact a licensed pest control specialist. Please call DKS Pest Control at (724) 478-5344.